Teen Makeup Lesson

gwThis is my beautiful daughter Gabrielle and this is her “selfie” photo. (For those of you who don’t know, a “selfie” photo is one is which you take a picture of yourself for posting on your favorite social media site…in her case Instagram.) She confided that she doesn’t normally do selfies, but with the special occasion of getting her braces off, she wanted to have all of her friends in the know about her tin-grin-free smile….instantly!   I was showing the picture to the Leigh’s cosmetic team and I was having a proud moment thinking about their influence on Gabrielle.  The summer before 7th grade, Gabrielle asked me if she could wear makeup.  This was a request that I had been dreading because I envisioned my daughter going to the extreme of caking on makeup and looking way too old for her age.  But, I refrained from saying an impulsive “no” and instead responded, “Ok, then we have to go to Leigh’s and have you work with one of our makeup artists to have them teach you about makeup.”   We drove straight to the store and our makeup artist Carol talked to Gabrielle about starting with just mascara and lip gloss….two cosmetic items that I certainly was very agreeable to as the mom and Gabrielle was thrilled about!  Carol spent time with her talking about makeup and giving her a lesson on applying both items.  We both went home with smiles on our faces.  Whew, that was easy!  Well, before this school year started, Gabrielle broached the makeup discussion again.  She wanted to add more to her routine.  However, this year I realized that I had nothing to fear.  I knew our makeup artists would steer her in the right direction.  And I was right!  Gabrielle met with Rachel, our lead makeup artist, and had so much fun, all while learning about how to create a natural and fresh look….and very age appropriate!  It’s not often that I am the “customer” when I’m at Leigh’s, but this was such an amazing experience from start to finish.  The extra time that our makeup artists are able to spend with each and every customer makes such a big difference in each individual’s confidence in makeup selection and application.  I’ll end by thanking my wonderful cosmetic team for their positive role in creating this fabulous “selfie” photo and everyday look for Gabrielle.


Fashion’s Night Out Fun!

Pic 1: Our amazing Leigh’s team and friends! L-R: Katie Oostema, Adrian Butler, Rachel Douglas, Rachel Williams, Carlye Sutner, Rebecca Wierda, Patrick Plank, Deb Clark, Stacey Seewald, Jacob Cochran Pic 2:  Our creative mastermind – Patrick Plank.  Pic 3: Lesley Goebel and Giovanna Reilly roll out the red carpet for our guests.  Pic 4:  An Italian Party just isn’t complete with out a red Ferrari – compliments of Eileen DeVries!  Pic 5: Ebony Hoskins, Eileen DeVries & Carolyn King Pic 6: Makeup artists Rachel Williams & Rachel Douglas show the latest in fall makeup.  Pic 7:  Photo opt time!  Pic 8: Rebecca Wierda and Adrian Butler….our amazing DJ extraordinaire. Wonder who will win that bout?  Pic 9:  These lovely ladies were in search of Rachel Zoe’s collection….yes, we have it available exclusively in West Michigan.  Pic 10: Great crowd!  Pic 11:  And the limo pulls up with a group of fashionistas! Pic 12:  Thanks Harold Zeigler Grandville for providing these fabulous Italian Fiats for the evening.  Pic 13:  Very stylish!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Fashion’s Night Out “Very Italian” Party yesterday! And, it was a PARTY! Our attendance was the highest it’s ever been with everyone stepping out for the evening in great fashion and shopping for new fall favorites. The energy in our store was contagious and our Leigh’s team had a blast!  We appreciate you including Leigh’s in your FNO plans!

What Is Not Fashionable

Do you know what is not fashionable?  Cancer.  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in March.  It put me in a tailspin. No one on my side of the  family has ever had cancer, so how does my mom end up getting it?  I know she is going to be fine, but there is such a learning curve for our entire family as she goes through the journey of mastectomy, now chemotherapy and then, finally this fall, radiation.  My sister, Amy, is an award-winning journalist for a newspaper in Minnesota and she is true to her profession, she always gets the entire scoop.  In my mom’s case, she inquires with each doctor about the treatment plan, researches what they relay, analyzes every drug that enters our mom’s  system and then communicates her findings to our family.  This weekend, I called my sister to discuss the doctor’s appointment I had attended with my mom last week.  Through the course of our conversation, I learned that sometimes, ok, a lot of times, my mom is telling me that she is doing just fine after her chemo treatments, when in fact she is not.  How do I know this?  Because she’s been leveling with my sister.  I questioned Amy on this. I just didn’t understand.  Are her thoughts that I won’t care?  Does she think I’m too busy? My mind was racing.  Amy, my wise, little (10 years younger than me) sister, pointed out to me that Mom looks to each of us for different things.  Amy is in charge of her medical care and I’m in charge of  her self-esteem.  I had never really thought about it like this. I get what Amy’s bringing to the table, but wasn’t grasping my role.  Then she elaborated, “I can’t give Mom what you are able to give her.  She relies on you to make her feel good about herself.  When I spoke with her yesterday, all she could talk about was how much fun she had spending the afternoon with you at Leigh’s.  How you picked out the perfect things for her and she felt beautiful.  She still talks about how much fun she had going wig shopping with you and how you laughed and laughed when she tried on all the different wigs in all diverse hair colors and lengths, but found the perfect shade of red to match her own hair.  And she can’t wait to come to Leigh’s to work with Rachel on new makeup (Note:  Rachel in our cosmetic area has special training for working with cancer patients).  That is your role, Rebecca and even if I tried, I couldn’t do what you do for Mom. My role is to get all the information for her and out of her.  That’s what I’m good at.”  I have to admit, I got misty.  Sometimes even I don’t realize what Leigh’s offers.  It never seems like I’m shouldering a lot of responsiblity; it’s  just fun with my mom at the store.  And many times, it is that straight forward –  great fashion and fun.  And sometimes, as is the case with my mom’s cancer journey, it’s a lot more than a lovely dress or great new pair of shoes.

Pic: Yes, this picture is a few years old (from my sister’s wedding), but it’s the only one I could find that had both my sister and mom in it.  My mom, the beautiful redhead.  My talented sister is in the fuchsia dress.

Summer Makeup Top 10

The sun is shining and summer fashion is in full bloom!  What is the perfect complement to your fabulous new clothes?  New makeup!  I think its easy to forget that as the weather changes so do our skin needs.  Let me remind you that before you get too far into the season, you do need to pamper yourself with a trip to Leigh’s cosmetic counter.  I spoke with our lead makeup artist Rachel this morning to give me the top 10 things you will need going into summer.  We had some fun with it, so, let’s think of this as Leigh’s version of David Letterman’s Top 10 List on the Late Show!  Ok, here we go:

1.  Natura Bisse’ Diamond Drops which will create the most powerful UVA shield…..for those great sun-filled days when you’re alone (or with friends) on the beach with a bucket of margaritas!

2.  Keep your body firm and bronzed (Yes, I want that!!) with Natura Bisse’s Cure Sheer Touch for Body.

3.  Bring out the sweetness in your body with Fresh’s Sugar parfume layered with their Citron de Vigne parfume.  I’m thinking you will be date-ready with these mysterious and enticing notes…grarrrr!

4.  Start with a clean slate with an all-in-one Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh.  This cleanser has the powerful collagen boosting benefits of soy, as well as, calming cucumber to wake-up frazzled skin.  It’s what’s for breakfast this summer!

5. Get in touch with your artsy Bohemian side in Laura Mercier’s playful, dreamy Belle Nouveau color collection.  It’s cooler than the sorbet your favorite French restaurant is serving!

6.  No Tammi Faye here, but the look of false lashes is hot, Hot, HOT!  Trish McEvoy’s flexible, buildable new thickening mascara will achieve this in two coats and no glue!  It’s AMAZING!

7.  So now that you have Trish’s lashes, sex-it-up with a smoldering eye rimmed in Trish’s Intense black eye liner.  Yes, this is guaranteed to enhance the sparkle of the disco ball on the dance floor.

8.  It’s like butter!  No, its butter LONDON.  Let us remind you that perfectly manicured nails are a must-have for summer.  Be edgy by doing a variation of a French manicure with two of butter London’s great nail colors:  First, put Muggins (pale lavender) polish on the entire nail and  then butter London’s latest color, Royal Navy on the tips…..this will even appeal to England’s  bad boy Prince Harry – you know he is available and very hot!

9.  Speaking of appealing, I mean peeling, don’t neglect your heals….use butter London’s Glyco Callas Remover followed with  their fabulous Cooling Powder Finish lotion for heal perfection!

10. Ok, ladies, get organized this summer.  All our goodies are going to need a Trish McEvoy Planner or a Laura Mercier Artist Portfolio.  No Ziplock baggies allow…you’re just too sophisticated for that!

There you have it!  Our makeup artists are ready to assist in making you look your best while you enjoy a fun-filled, fantastic summer!

Pre-Spring Break Party Snapshots

Pic 1: Giovanna Reilly (with her darling baby bump) and Julie Schultz. Pic 2:  Quinn McIlhargey and Stephanie Telzerow enjoy  butter LONDON polish changes from Davina Williams. Pic 3:  Our favorite DJ…Adrian Butler kept the party hoppin’ with great music.  Pic 4:  Our wonderful GVSU intern, Megan Susterich, took time to interview LA Designer Kevin Hall who was in store for his trunk show.  Pic 5: One of our smallest fashionistas guests, Laura, came ready for a party…love her cute outfit!  And she loved our tiki hut, along with our cabana boy, Bob (aka mannequin Patrick brought out from storage and named Bob for the party!) Pic 6:   Part of Leigh’s fabulous team:  Lesley Goebel, Patrick Plank and Rachel Williams.  Pic 7:  Designer Kevan Hall with our stunning model Gloria. We had so much fun hosting you at our Pre-Spring Break Party! Thank you for stopping by! Our team loves to entertain especially when there’s great fashion involved!  We hope everyone’s suitcases are ready for your spring break getaways.  We loved everything you picked out…cute dresses, the perfect accessories, strappy sandals and beautiful makeup.  You’re going to look fabulous!  Enjoy your vacation!

Style Battle Fun!

Leigh’s was part of Spotlight616 Style Battle which took place last week at 40 Monroe.  This event SOLD OUT!  What an absolute blast!  Eight locally owned retailers competed over a four hours span of time  to complete an entire look, including makeup, hair, fashion and final photo for 5 models.  The Leigh’s team consisted of makeup artist, Rachel Williams – from Leigh’s own cosmetic team, hair stylist, Stacy Curaso – from Capelli’s Salon, photographer, Adam Bird – from Adam Bird Photography, Leigh’s creative director, Patrick Plank and merchandise manager, Deb Clark and models:  Anna Oostema, Brealyn Beals, Samantha Clark, Taylor Roe and Victoria Keller.  Patrick, of course, came up with a clever story to weave all of our looks together.  I have to share it with you…it’s too good not to!!  He handed this out at the event: 

 Meet the Leigh’s:  5 sisters, all unique in their personal pursuits yet united in their love of fashion and expression of individual style.  The sisters Leigh have been re-united, some unwillingly, at “Shambles”, the family’s 200 year old country estate this weekend for family portraits at the request of their sickly, yet still unusually wealthy, Aunt Bitter Leigh.  Meet the girls:  Blythe Leigh (model Anna Oostema): Like her name, Blythe is light in spirit and heart, but heavy on drama when it comes to fashion.  Unusual combinations that actually work, because she prefers not to.  Blythe is Aunt Bitter’s chosen caretaker (bartender) and spends her days plotting her escape from Shambles and meeting Mr. Right (Or, atleast, Mr. Right Now).  Meryl Leigh (model Brealyn Beals): Investment banker, corporate raider and internet entrepreneur.  Her sleek sophisticated style echoes her heroines:  Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren.  Both Hitchcock beauties with hidden agendas.  Coincidence?  We think not.  Candide Leigh (model Samantha Clark):  Horse-y but in a good way. Candide spends her days in equestrian pursuits and the stylish togs of the sporty set.  It’s a shame she lives in Midtown Manhattan (it is near a Ralph Lauren boutique, however).  Ginger Leigh (model Taylor Roe):  Educated at Brown, but spends most nights downtown, artsy Ginger is a study in contrasts.  Just look at her:  Leather and lace and a drink at your place, especially if you are a new client at the family financed SoHo gallery called “@$!$% ART”.  Party girl and published art historian…how surrealist movement!  Suddan Leigh (model Victoria Keller):  Suddan has always been drawn to adventure on terra firma and in the air, hence her Amelia Earhardt meets Angelina Jolie style.  She only visits friends who have enough acreage to safely accommodate a landing strip for her vintage Ford Tri-motor aircraft. This lady likes nice things.  Forget about your tray-table…your bank account will never be “returned to its upright position”.

Ok, hopefully you had a little giggle with Patrick’s fabricated bios….clever, clever, clever!  The hair, makeup and fashion were fabulous – thanks Rachel, Stacy, Patrick and Deb!  And the photos were fantastic – thanks Adam!(adam@adambirdphoto.com www.adambirdphoto.comt 616-634-1139). I am so proud of our team!  Kudos to them!