Happy Holidays from Leigh’s

For all of us at Leigh’s, we like to get together before December is in full swing and for us here at Leigh’s we like to celebrate each other and the family that we have made. The Holidays are a busy time, but we always make time for each other.





Happy Holidays from everyone at Leigh’s!


Leigh’s 40th Anniversary Party

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This past Thursday, we celebrated our 40th anniversary here at Leigh’s. To commemorate this incredible achievement, we went all out! DJ Adrien Butler spun nothing but hits from the 1970’s, Ms. Batty Davis performed a rendition of ‘Knock on Wood’ in a gold sequin mini dress, Rachel Finan twirled around her hula hoop that hung from the ceiling, a replica of our store in cake form was created by local bakery; Connie’s Cakes, luxe prizes for a select few lucky winners were given out every hour, tons of yummy food catered by Martha’s Vineyard, and of course, champagne! The man who started it all, Mr. Larry Leigh, was in attendance along with our beloved customers and employees. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Andy Warhol and Liza Minnelli also made an appearance?¬†We would like to thank everyone who attended this very special event, celebrating fashion, fun, and the Leigh’s Legacy!

Cheers to the next 40 years!

Lots of Love,