Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is upon us….yikes, it always sneaks up!   And, if you’re like me, you’re just starting to write out your list of people who you need gifts for and contemplating gift ideas.  As you have learned, some friends and family are so easy to buy for and others…..yes, you know, you rack your brain for hours trying to think of something…anything…to give them!!  We want to help you push the “Easy” button!  I spoke with Rachel, our lead makeup artist, today to discuss some wonderful gift options from our cosmetic area.  I think you are going to LOVE her suggestions!

Hostess (with the mostest) Gifts!

Natura Bisse’ Spa Silk Hand Cream:  This hand cream will revive the driest of hands and last through three hand washes.  With all the dicing of onions, wrapping of gifts,  a set of hands will love this special treatment!

Fresh hand soaps:  Your hostess can happily toss her Dial hand soap out when she receives these lovely hand soaps  that will add the finishing touch to any guest bathroom!

Spa and makeup services from our makeup team:  Why not give the hostess a gift card for some wonderful pampering.  She’ll look oh-so-pretty and relaxed after receiving her facial (in our private spa room) and  expert makeup application while she sips her spa water in our lovely cosmetic area!

Stocking Stuffers!

Fresh Sugar Lip:  In each and every stocking (the male gender included), you must add a little sugar, Fresh Sugar Lip that is!  Forget about the Chapstick!

Laura Mercier candles:  Only available during the holiday season, Laura has three delicious scents to bring cheer to all – Warm Roasted Chestnut, Fresh Fig, Creme Brulee. Mmmmmm….they smell so good!

Butter London lip and nail lacquer duos:  For the little trendinistas, we have the perfect sparkly red and mysterious onyx colors that will be sure to please and very eye-catching!

BFF Gifts!

Trish McEvoy Power of Skincare Collection:  Create and maintain beautiful bare skin with Trish’s result-oriented Power of Skincare Collection for effortlessly effective AM and PM skin care routines at home and on the go.  Give this gift and you truly will be BFFs forever!

Laura Mercier beauty-palette-to-go in cool neutrals:  This luxurious palette is truly an entire face in an easy compact and will take your BFF from day- to-night.  The colors are incredibly universal so you can buy this for all your BFFs and it will bring out the individual beauty in each of them!

Trish McEvoy brush set:  Trish packages her brushes in a glamorous quilted hot pink leather case that is the perfect girly gift with the most fabulous makeup brushes known to mankind (yes, MANKIND)!

neuLash:  What BFF doesn’t want her eyelashes long and luxurious….naturally?!?  This tube of miracle grow for your eyelashes or brows will have your BFF jumping for joy!

Merry, Happy to Me Gifts!

Clarisonic Opal:  Are you  sick of your mother in-law complaining of her saggy, baggy lined eyes (hmmm, and maybe you have your own inner conflict on this, too)?  Get your hands on a Clarisonic Opal.  In 30 seconds, two times a day, you will take your eyes from gloom to vavoom in delivery results that are proven to refresh and rehab the eyes.  Yea us!  So, it’s one Opal for you, one Opal for Mom…favorite daughter in-law status to follow!

Natura Bisse’ Diamond Extreme Eye & Stimuleye Gel:  Extreme at night, Stimuleye in the morning.  Poof away the puff!  Instant recovery from holiday cocktail party overload or Grandma’s gravy!

Significant Other Gifts!

Trish McEvoy Sexy 9 & No. 9 fragrance:  Trish has come out with a special pocketable size that your sweety will love and she can “pocket” it in her purse to carry with her everywhere she goes!

Clarisonic Pro:  This dreamy handheld wonder will make the dullest and driest skin radiant and glowing after just one use, one beeping minute a day.  We are bleeping nuts about this one….give it to everyone you know (men, too) and reap the resulting praise “as the best gift ever” from your recipients!

Natura Bisse’ Diamond Life Infusion:  For the ultimate gift of luxury, treat your significant other to the Diamond Life Infusion.  This serum with patented technology will deliver the results of taking 3.9 years of age off the face.   After hearing this, my one question to Rachel is:  Can I bathe in this….does it take 3.9 years off other areas too???  Ok, one more question:  If I take two baths, does it double the results??!!

Bond No. 9:  Fragrances for both men and women with names derived from NYC, such as:  Wall Street, Astor Place, Madison Square & Nuits De Noho.  Put the Big Apple under your tree this season!

Fresh shaving cream and after shave skin soothing lotion:  Yes, we have the guys covered too!  And, they will love you giving them these wonderful pampering gifts….smooth move!

Let’s wrap this up!  We have wonderful gift ideas in store for you this holiday season and we are looking forward to assisting with finding the perfect gift for those special people in your life…and maybe something special for you too!


Flip-Flops & Beach Totes!

What are your plans this weekend?  Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorites, not because we are traveling to some amazing destination, but because its one of those weekends that you just get so much done!  Strategically, I plan a party starting late afternoon on Memorial Day.  This is a self-induced deadline for all the patio furniture being out, flowers planted, spring cleaning completed, etc, etc.  Plus, it’s a family affair – all hands on deck kinda deal. Don’t you just love when you can get so much done in such a small window of time?   The other component to this is your family will only work so long before they say uncle….so you do need to have some incentive activities built into the calendar!  I emailed my parents and reserved Sunday afternoon out at the beach with them for a fun-filled day.  It’s suppose to be 90 degrees and brimming with sunshine!  I would be remiss if I didn’t plan attire for that sunshine and warm weather.  Hey, you’ve got to capitalize on opportunities (regardless of how small the occasion)  for new fashion!  Patrick must have read my mind because when I walked out into the store this morning there was this fabulous display that he had put together to meet my every need for a day at the beach!  Starting with footwear!  I am anticipating hot sand  and our new shipment of colorful flip-flops from Havaianas is the perfect protection for not burning my toes!  And, who doesn’t need a great new hat ( those harmful rays need to be blocked AND, more importantly, for stylish beach going) . My mind is racing; how will I carry my Natura Bisse’ sunscreen and Nook down to the beach?  Why, with an adorable new beach tote!  Just look at the pic I posted….aren’t they darling!  And, a day at the beach would not be complete without grilling up a great dinner, so I need to have something cool and casual…..WALLAH….we’ve got that covered  too with DL1961 denim shorts and Michael Stars striped tees.  Well, that was like pushing the “easy button”! I’m all set for my day at the beach!   Now, what will I wear for our party?!

Summer Makeup Top 10

The sun is shining and summer fashion is in full bloom!  What is the perfect complement to your fabulous new clothes?  New makeup!  I think its easy to forget that as the weather changes so do our skin needs.  Let me remind you that before you get too far into the season, you do need to pamper yourself with a trip to Leigh’s cosmetic counter.  I spoke with our lead makeup artist Rachel this morning to give me the top 10 things you will need going into summer.  We had some fun with it, so, let’s think of this as Leigh’s version of David Letterman’s Top 10 List on the Late Show!  Ok, here we go:

1.  Natura Bisse’ Diamond Drops which will create the most powerful UVA shield…..for those great sun-filled days when you’re alone (or with friends) on the beach with a bucket of margaritas!

2.  Keep your body firm and bronzed (Yes, I want that!!) with Natura Bisse’s Cure Sheer Touch for Body.

3.  Bring out the sweetness in your body with Fresh’s Sugar parfume layered with their Citron de Vigne parfume.  I’m thinking you will be date-ready with these mysterious and enticing notes…grarrrr!

4.  Start with a clean slate with an all-in-one Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh.  This cleanser has the powerful collagen boosting benefits of soy, as well as, calming cucumber to wake-up frazzled skin.  It’s what’s for breakfast this summer!

5. Get in touch with your artsy Bohemian side in Laura Mercier’s playful, dreamy Belle Nouveau color collection.  It’s cooler than the sorbet your favorite French restaurant is serving!

6.  No Tammi Faye here, but the look of false lashes is hot, Hot, HOT!  Trish McEvoy’s flexible, buildable new thickening mascara will achieve this in two coats and no glue!  It’s AMAZING!

7.  So now that you have Trish’s lashes, sex-it-up with a smoldering eye rimmed in Trish’s Intense black eye liner.  Yes, this is guaranteed to enhance the sparkle of the disco ball on the dance floor.

8.  It’s like butter!  No, its butter LONDON.  Let us remind you that perfectly manicured nails are a must-have for summer.  Be edgy by doing a variation of a French manicure with two of butter London’s great nail colors:  First, put Muggins (pale lavender) polish on the entire nail and  then butter London’s latest color, Royal Navy on the tips…..this will even appeal to England’s  bad boy Prince Harry – you know he is available and very hot!

9.  Speaking of appealing, I mean peeling, don’t neglect your heals….use butter London’s Glyco Callas Remover followed with  their fabulous Cooling Powder Finish lotion for heal perfection!

10. Ok, ladies, get organized this summer.  All our goodies are going to need a Trish McEvoy Planner or a Laura Mercier Artist Portfolio.  No Ziplock baggies allow…you’re just too sophisticated for that!

There you have it!  Our makeup artists are ready to assist in making you look your best while you enjoy a fun-filled, fantastic summer!

Leigh’s Beauty & Wellness Week: March 21-26

Spring is inching ever closer.  As I look out my window today and see the drab day we are having, I’m thinking “inching”, but, I wish it would come sprinting in at full speed with warmth and green grass and, and, and – you know how I’m feeling!   It will, however, be here sooner than we think – I just know it!  With the new season, it’s time to freshen up your makeup and get on trend for spring!  So,Mark your calendars for Leigh’s Beauty and Wellness Week – March 21 – 26.  Notice how we added “wellness” to the mix of our Beauty Week.  Taking care of your whole self – inner beauty and outer beauty- is very important to keep you looking and feeling your best.  Leigh’s has teamed up with Seva Yoga of East Grand Rapids to bring you an amazing week of beauty and wellness.  Leigh’s makeup specialists will assist in giving you a fresh spring update  to your makeup, while Seva Yoga will be in store discussing wellness topics, as well as, having two special yoga sessions (in one of our large private fitting rooms).  See our website for futher details:  A few of the many highlights include:  Seva Yoga will be giving you an unlimited monthly pass of yoga sessions* ($100 value) when you purchase $100 in cosmetics.   I have personally taken yoga at Seva….it is amazing!  I usually run and lift weights when I exercise and I will tell you, my yoga sessions are even better than my running/weight combo….so net, net…take advantage of this generous offer from Seva!!!  Laura Mercier is having a very special deluxe gift with $100 LM purchase!!  Trish McEvoy (yes, Trish personally) designed an exclusive planner – this lovely lavender color- for our Trish day.  I thought I was dreaming when I received the call – thanks Trish!! The Fresh event  is called Share the Sugar.  How can you not come to an event called that??  Ok, this will be a crowd pleaser…Friday at 2pm Seva Yoga’s discussion will be on how yoga can help you to better cope with a myriad of women’s health issues.  This includes alleviating the symptoms of menstration, menopause and the everyday stress of modern busy lifestyles. I expect there will be a packed house for this discussion!  There is LOTS more….for more information or to schedule your appointment(s) for makeup  and yoga sessions/discussions, call our cosmetic team at 616.942.6300!

*New students to Seva Yoga only.  Limit one per customer.  No cash value.

Finally!! We Have A Billboard!







Ok, so not the best picture in the world.  Standing on I-96 trying to take a picture is not exactly the safest thing in the world….so you have to be fast and not worry necessarily about the quality of the picture.  But…I couldn’t wait to share with everyone!   I have been dying to do a billboard!  We are on I-96 East bound and East Beltline.  Because it’s a little hard to read from the picture (looks much more clear in person!)…here’s what it says….Leigh’s Women*Fashion*Style    AND BEAUTY!   Laura Mercier     Trish McEvoy    Yves Saint Laurent   Natura Bisse’   You HAVE to drive by it and let us know what you think!

Lafayette Trunk Show November 18 & 19

lafayette pic







Mark your calendars!  Our Lafayette 148 spring 2010 trunk show is Wednesday, November 18 and Thursday, November 19.  I saw the collection when I was in New York in September.  It looks so great!  Sizing is from 2 – 24.  You definitely won’t want to miss it!  In addition to Lafayette, we will have trunk shows from La Canadienne (boots for immediate delivery) and The Globe Showroom featuring European contemporary collections – Weil, LePhare, Line knitwear and leather.     Also, we will have a Natura Bisse’ facial event – call Amanda or Carol to book your appointment.  It’s the most amazing facial…and it is complimentary with purchase of Natura!  I had one last time Yolanta was in the store – oh my word, you’ll never experienced one this good – heavenly!

Beauty Advantage Week is in Full Swing!

picture-010picture-012picture-013picture-009br Pic 1: L-R Carol, Tiffany Topping, Shelly Gordon, Claudio Riaz, Roselda Gardner Pic 2: Lisa and Bruno from the Globe Showroom in NYC Pic 3: L – R Riese, Jenna and Deb Morton, Michelle from Trish McEvoy Pic 4: Claudio and Cherrie Fox
This week has been crazy great and way too much fun! Claudio Riaz was in on Tuesday and Wednesday with his brush line….amazing! He used YSL for all of his applications. Our customers loved him and he gave the best lessons on using his brushes to create that perfect look we have all been trying to achieve in our make-up. We had Yolanta in from Nutura Bisse’ on Tuesday, so we tried to keep the volume down while she was giving facials. Her facials are even better than those I’ve received at the Golden Door Spa. Today, we had Michelle in from Trish McEvoy and her chair hasn’t been empty. Everyone wants the latest and greatest from Trish. And we have trunk shows. Bruno (love the French accent) and Lisa are here from the Globe Showroom in NYC and Mary is in from Cole Haan footwear. It is a great week – high energy, familiar faces, new faces and a bright start to the spring season!