All I Want For Christmas


I love the holidays because I love gift giving!  For me, there also is the whole other fun factor of assisting husbands/significant others with securing the perfect gift from Leigh’s.  My girlfriends happily anticipate having a beautifully wrapped Leigh’s blue box (or plural is even better) underneath their Christmas tree. (Of course, how fabulous is it making sure their holiday wishes come true?!?) When husbands come in for their inaugural Leigh’s shopping excursion, the look is  always the same…a deer in the headlights….frantic, stressed, unsure.  Then, relief…as they see all the options that have prepared and all they have to do is just point and  say, “Yes”….Easy Button.  Veterans (that rely on us each holiday season), typically coordinate with their buddies to meet at Leigh’s for their “shopping therapy” which consists of “refreshments” and some lively catching up as they sit in our comfy chairs by the fireplace with ESPN on the television. They know the insider scoop, Leigh’s has them covered…no worries, no panic.. just praise, praise, praise Christmas morning!  So, if you are getting down to the wire and need gifts that inspire, stop in and see us and we will help you wrap it up!


The Poem

What an incredible holiday season we have had at Leigh’s!  Thank you for chosing our store to find those special gifts for those very special people in your lives.  We assisted many gentleman in finding the perfect gift and sent them home with beautifully wrapped packages to place under their Christmas tree.  It is such a pleasure to have you in store! 

Today, Judy North, one of our very talented fashion consultants, received this wonderful poem from a man that she helped with a gift for his wife.  It is very heart warming and brought a smile to all.  I, of course, wanted to share the poem with you because it makes me so proud of our team and the exceptional customer service that they deliver each and every day.

The Lovely Ladies of Leigh’s

Nearly brought me to my knees,
So stylish, so extraordinaire,
It was a rainy day love affair.
My holiday shopping trip was a breeze,
So enraptured by their expertise,
The lovely ladies of Leigh’s.

Excuse me sir, would she wear one of these?
Would she not! (Two more, if you please),
And, charmed by the ease of which
I would gladly surrender my gratuities,
(And could we gift wrap this tasteful allegory?)
The lovely ladies of Leigh’s.

You’ve never had quite an adventure
Such a pleasure to romance risk free,
Twas a love affair on a rainy day
(What more can I say?)
Resistance is what I lack so I’ll be back

To see the lovely ladies of Leigh’s