It’s A Repeat!


Our team is honored that you again have chosen us as Grand Rapids Best Women’s Clothing Store 2013-14! We were so excited to receive the news…thank you! Of course, a champagne celebration was in order and once again, our toast was to you…our customers! You are the BEST and we so enjoy our time with you. You make each day fun and we love what we do because of you. As you know, our goal is to provide you the best fashion available each season along with an exceptional experience every time you visit us and we promise you the same in 2014. Cheers!


Happy Goodbyes!

Can you feel it?  Yes, we are making the turn towards spring….more sunlight, warmer temps and a rainbow of colors for our spring fashion.  I just love this display that Patrick created…a paint bucket bursting with beautiful paint color swatches and this fabulous Yigal Azrouel dress.  Yes, this dress greets you like a ray of sunshine with its cheerful hue of yellow.  But this is one of those dress that looks good coming AND going.  Check out the fabulous color block back.  You’re smiling aren’t you.  Yes, that’s what happened to me when I laid eyes on this dress in Yigal’s showroom in New York.  You put this dress on and you can’t wait to get up and leave the room… that everyone sees how incredible you look in your wow dress.  I call it a “Happy Goodbye”, you can coin your own phrase, but just know, you’re going to be turning heads in this dress!

Fashion Week In New York!

Pic 1 & 2: Pamella Roland runway show  Pic 3: Deb Wurfel, Patrick Plank, Rebecca Wierda after Pamella Roland show. Pic 4: Patrick, Daniel Vosovic, Rebecca and Deb Pic 5: Douglas Hannant runway show  Pic 6: Hey Deb, what showroom are you in??  Yes, it’s a teaser.  We’ll be sharing what’s on its way for fall….at a later date! Pic 7:  Supermodel Lara Stone  Pic 8:  Rooney Mara – Girl with the Dragon Tatoo Pic 9 & 10:  Calvin Klein runway show Pic 11: Patrick at Yigal Azrouel  Pic 12 & 13:  Rebecca, Deb and Patrick at Havana Alma de Cuba Pic 14:   Time Square with Elmo!

Sorry for the hiatus from blogging….our team has had two amazing trips to New York seeking out the best fall fashion(yes, we are looking at fall ’12 fashion already) for you next September.  So, today, I just bubbled up from being submerged in follow-up paperwork.  As you can tell by the number of pictures, I have had so much to share with you!  Let’s get started….First, Pamella Roland runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center….ahhhhhhh.  Pamella (Grand Rapids native Pamella DeVos) turned out an incredible collection for fall.  Inspired by the beautiful Colorado outdoors, she mixed luxurious fabrics and furs for great day looks and, of course,  her signature cocktail dresses and gowns –  all red carpet worthy.  I need one of these in my closet!!!

Next, we met New York Designer Daniel Vosovic….one of the finalist from Project Runway!  I’m sure you already know, but in case some don’t….he’s from East Grand Rapids….now living in NYC.  This is his fifth season with his own collection.  Very refreshing!  Then, we were back to Lincoln Center to view Douglas Hannant’s runway presentation. Beautiful as always!

Thursday afternoon we were waiting for Calvin Klein’s runway show and we had some great celebrity sitings….Supermodel Lara Stone….haven’t heard of her??  She’s one of the top 10 models in the world.  Patrick was holding a fashion magazine and after she walked by us, we looked at the back cover…..Lara Stone…of course!   After Lara…Rooney Mara….you know the lead actress from Girl with the Dragon Tatoo! Yea, saw her!  These were just a couple of our brushes with VIPs at Fashion Week….the shows were lined with celebrities.

I have to admit we have a lot of fun when we are in New York….we work really hard, but we do take time for some giggles!  Such as Patrick sporting the big furry hat.  So, now you can imagine Patrick with hair.  I think you’ll agree, we all like Patrick without the fro!

Need a new restaurant to go to when you’re in New York?  We have a recommendation.  Little tiny Cuban restaurant in Soho called Havana alma de Cuba.  Honestly, I’ve never ventured out and had Cuban cuisine before….I have been missing out all of these years!!!  What took me so long?? One word, “Yum!”  And what an authentic atmosphere.  This definitely feels like a local’s favorite.

Finally, I have to share our Elmo adventure in Time Square as we were walking back to our hotel after our last appointment.  I see Elmo and insist to Deb and Patrick that we have to get our picture taken with him for the blog.   Right?  What a great blog photo!  Elmo is more than accommodating to pose with us….snap, snap, snap of the camera….then Elmo shows me his little sign….”Pictures with Elmo for tips.”  Seriously Elmo, I could have taken a picture of us in Time Square without my Sesame Street friend!  And….Patrick is going to make me tell you….I only had a $10 bill….so Elmo was very happy.  He even giggled like the Tickle Me Elmo that my kids had when they were little.  My recommendation for Time Square photos….stay away from the characters!

Whew….I think I typed that all in one breath.  Thanks for reading!  So, that was a lot on fall….but, let’s live in the moment….we are brimming with amazing spring fashion in store for you right now.  Can’t wait for you to come in and see!

We Won! Thank You!

The January Best of Grand Rapids Readers 2009-2010 Readers Poll was just published in Grand Rapids Magazine and Leigh’s was selected as The Best Women’s Boutique!  We are thrilled!  Thank you to everyone who voted for us.  It is such an honor!  Grand Rapids Magazine sent photographer, Michael Buck, to our store for a photo shoot.  Above is the published picture with our beautiful model, Anna Oostema…great photograph Michael!  The caption reads, ” The lines are blurred between finding what you need and finding what you want at Leigh’s, because you literally must have everything you see.”