Commitment to Community

pho0Pic 1: Team Leigh’s on site at the Goei Center for the Dwelling Place Fashion Show. Back row l-r: Leslie Krumpschmid, Jacob Cochran, Lesley Goebel, Abi Devins Front row l-r: Deb Clark, Kelly Brown, Rebecca Wierda

pho1 pho2 Pic 2: Look at this beautiful aspiring model in a darling dress from Snapdragon Boutique…she’s a fashion girl! Pic 3: Michelle Hoexum wears this Ralph Lauren Black Label dress with ease.

pho3 Pic 4: Dr. Denise Logan….so glamorous!

pho4 Pic 5: Joan Secchia in RED Valentino.

pho5Pic 6: Amanda DeLong rocks out this great little sequin dress and leather jacket by Rachel Zoe.

Kate Spade event at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

photo2 Pic 6: Leigh’s fabulous creative director Patrick Plank introduced the Kendall student fashion show.

photo3Pic 7: This was a sold out event!

photo4 photo5Pic 8 & 9: What amazing designs these students created!

photo8Pic 10: Dionne Afihene and Layla Jones….so cool.

photo6Pic 11: Getting ready for the guest speaker from Kate Spade!

photo7Pic 12: Our Kate Spade display at the event compliments of our talented Patrick!

Wow, what a busy week it was at Leigh’s. You are so supportive of our store and we appreciate that with the many choices you have for shopping that you choose to shop locally at Leigh’s. In return, we have always made a commitment to give back to our community. Wednesday evening we had two wonderful events we were involved with.

First, we partnered with Fitzgerald’s men store and Snapdragon children’s boutique for The Dwelling Place “Where Fashion Meets Art” fashion show held at the Goei Center. This event raises money for two of Dwelling Place’s housing communities: Liz’s House and Bridge Street Place. This housing is made available to women and children in need. We enjoyed working with our guest models (leaders in our community) to style them in the hottest fashion trends of the season. We are proud to assist in this event for such a worthwhile cause.

While all of that was happening at the Goei Center, part of our team was at GRAM. There we partnered with Kendall College of Art & Design to sponsor AIGA West Michigan’s Kate Spade event which featured speaker Katia Kuthie, Kate Spade’s Director of Creative Services. Hosted at the Grand Rapids Art Museum it was also the perfect venue for a fashion show that showcased Kendall Fashion Design student’s fashion creations from materials that had former uses and identities. Look at the pictures I’ve included in this post….how crazy talented are these students?! As you know we exclusively carry Kate Spade handbags, apparel and shoes in West Michigan, so it was so exciting to be a part of this event!

Thanks to my entire Leigh’s team for all their efforts in the making of these two very successful events. And thanks to The Dwelling Place and AIGA for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your special evening.


Winter Or Spring?

katespade012_450x675katespade007_450x675This is the kind of day that leaves you in a conundrum. It is completely freezing outside. I wore my puffy coat and tall classic Ugg boots to work with anticipation of shedding the boots and putting on a great Stuart Weitzman heel. But upon arrival to the store, I realized my office is like an ice box (Who is my landlord?!) and the boots are not coming off even though I have a skirt on! Fortunately, we have our semi-annual sale going on right now….BOGO on all sale merchandise (someone pinch me)…so I took to the racks and found the perfect scarf to go with my outfit. Yes, great accessory, but today it is based on need not want (this rarely happens, so I like to point this out whenever possible).   I am now moderately warm, but still considering the purchase of a knit hat that I eyed as I was selecting my scarf.  So, here is the problem….our spring fashion and handbags from Kate Spade just arrived and warm weather seems like forever away, so what is a fashion girl to shop for – winter or spring apparel? Before we come up with our decision, did I mention that the Kate Spade collection is pure fashion fun with all the whimsicalness and bright colors; it begs to be in your closet. BEGS!!  To summarize: I NEED gear for the current cold weather (and it is on sale) and I am in want (let’s not use shouty letters for want; we need to be subtle) of the new Kate Spade (which if I wait too long, someone else might snap it up). I know you understand what I am going through because you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t a fashion girl. Side note: I just put my puffy coat back on to finish this blog because I was shivering and it’s hard to type when your body is in early hyperthermia. I must wrap this up so I can go crank the thermostat.  If you need scarves, hats, gloves, coats and/or boots because winter has finally hit West Michigan…march right in here; we have you covered (and I will mention again…it’s all on sale). While you are finding those pieces that will help you withstand this cold weather, we will tempt you with fabulous spring fashion….which you should also indulge in because that too will help you (if only psychologically as you envision yourself having lunch with your girlfriends on an outdoor patio with temperatures in the 80’s) endure this frigid tundra we live in!