Leigh’s 40th Anniversary Party

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This past Thursday, we celebrated our 40th anniversary here at Leigh’s. To commemorate this incredible achievement, we went all out! DJ Adrien Butler spun nothing but hits from the 1970’s, Ms. Batty Davis performed a rendition of ‘Knock on Wood’ in a gold sequin mini dress, Rachel Finan twirled around her hula hoop that hung from the ceiling, a replica of our store in cake form was created by local bakery; Connie’s Cakes, luxe prizes for a select few lucky winners were given out every hour, tons of yummy food catered by Martha’s Vineyard, and of course, champagne! The man who started it all, Mr. Larry Leigh, was in attendance along with our beloved customers and employees. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Andy Warhol and Liza Minnelli also made an appearance? We would like to thank everyone who attended this very special event, celebrating fashion, fun, and the Leigh’s Legacy!

Cheers to the next 40 years!

Lots of Love,



Hot Party!

hotpartyteamhpphoto 1 hpphoto 2hpphoto 3 hpphoto 4Pic 1: Leigh’s SUPER team l-r:  Judy North, Lesley Goebel, Pat Klimas-Reinhardt, Katie Oostema, Deb Clark Pic 2: Patrick Plank…the SUPER creative mind behind our Hot Party Superman theme! Pic 3 SUPER sassy Clark Kents :  Stacey Lewis and Giovanna Reilly Pic 4: Our SUPER DJ Adrian Butler aka SUPERMAN Pic 5:  Our SUPER cool Tom Ford eyewear rep Bill Selman with Leigh’s Pat Klimas-Reinhardt.

Our Hot Party was hotter than ever this past week, in fact, it was SUPER HOT!  Patrick set the theme of our party around the upcoming Superman movie Man of Steel.   Our Leigh’s team was sporting Clark Kent press badges and glasses and, of course, Superman tees.  How SUPER fun was that?!  Thanks for being a part of our event and all the SUPER fun things we had in store for you.  As you know, we think our customers are SUPER incredible!!

Fashion’s Night Out Fun!

Pic 1: Our amazing Leigh’s team and friends! L-R: Katie Oostema, Adrian Butler, Rachel Douglas, Rachel Williams, Carlye Sutner, Rebecca Wierda, Patrick Plank, Deb Clark, Stacey Seewald, Jacob Cochran Pic 2:  Our creative mastermind – Patrick Plank.  Pic 3: Lesley Goebel and Giovanna Reilly roll out the red carpet for our guests.  Pic 4:  An Italian Party just isn’t complete with out a red Ferrari – compliments of Eileen DeVries!  Pic 5: Ebony Hoskins, Eileen DeVries & Carolyn King Pic 6: Makeup artists Rachel Williams & Rachel Douglas show the latest in fall makeup.  Pic 7:  Photo opt time!  Pic 8: Rebecca Wierda and Adrian Butler….our amazing DJ extraordinaire. Wonder who will win that bout?  Pic 9:  These lovely ladies were in search of Rachel Zoe’s collection….yes, we have it available exclusively in West Michigan.  Pic 10: Great crowd!  Pic 11:  And the limo pulls up with a group of fashionistas! Pic 12:  Thanks Harold Zeigler Grandville for providing these fabulous Italian Fiats for the evening.  Pic 13:  Very stylish!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Fashion’s Night Out “Very Italian” Party yesterday! And, it was a PARTY! Our attendance was the highest it’s ever been with everyone stepping out for the evening in great fashion and shopping for new fall favorites. The energy in our store was contagious and our Leigh’s team had a blast!  We appreciate you including Leigh’s in your FNO plans!

Our Hot Party Was Hotter Than Ever!

Pic 1: Patrick Plank at our Hot Bar serving up cool refreshments and tempting fashion!  Pic 2: Bill Selman, our fabulous Tom Ford rep, is ready to assist with our customers’ eyewear selection.  Pic 3:  Our cosmetic team provided you the hottest makeup tips and trends for the summer.  Pic 4:   Adrian…..our favorite DJ!  Pic 5:  Havaianas gave us this smokin’ hot image for our party!  Pic 6:  Check out Patrick’s display….he is a man of details….see all the matchboxes!?!

Our Hot Party was sizzling last week!  Thank you for attending!  I received such a wonderful compliment from our Tom Ford rep who was in store hosting a Tom Ford eyewear trunk show.  He said that our store has an amazing vibe.  There is such great positive energy from our team and our customers and he thinks our store is one of the most beautiful stores he’s been to visit.  Wow!  That just gives me the warm (or should I say “HOT”) fuzzies!  We do have amazing customers!  If we haven’t told you lately, let me say it now,  “Thank you for shopping locally at Leigh’s!”   You are the reason we have so much fun coming to work everyday!  And, why we love bringing great fashion to West Michigan!  Hope you enjoyed our fiery Hot Party and as I posted on Facebook, if your husband asks you why you came home with so many new clothes, tell him the devil made you do it (see pic 1)!!

Pre-Spring Break Party Snapshots

Pic 1: Giovanna Reilly (with her darling baby bump) and Julie Schultz. Pic 2:  Quinn McIlhargey and Stephanie Telzerow enjoy  butter LONDON polish changes from Davina Williams. Pic 3:  Our favorite DJ…Adrian Butler kept the party hoppin’ with great music.  Pic 4:  Our wonderful GVSU intern, Megan Susterich, took time to interview LA Designer Kevin Hall who was in store for his trunk show.  Pic 5: One of our smallest fashionistas guests, Laura, came ready for a party…love her cute outfit!  And she loved our tiki hut, along with our cabana boy, Bob (aka mannequin Patrick brought out from storage and named Bob for the party!) Pic 6:   Part of Leigh’s fabulous team:  Lesley Goebel, Patrick Plank and Rachel Williams.  Pic 7:  Designer Kevan Hall with our stunning model Gloria. We had so much fun hosting you at our Pre-Spring Break Party! Thank you for stopping by! Our team loves to entertain especially when there’s great fashion involved!  We hope everyone’s suitcases are ready for your spring break getaways.  We loved everything you picked out…cute dresses, the perfect accessories, strappy sandals and beautiful makeup.  You’re going to look fabulous!  Enjoy your vacation!

Fashion’s Night Out Fun!

Grand Rapids stepped it up and stepped out last Thursday night for Fashion’s Night Out!  We had so much crazy fun…in the name of fashion!  Check out these great images.  Pic 1:  Adrian and Patrick pose with some of our very fashionable guests!  Pic 2:  Giovanna shows some party goers new Tracy Reece.  Pic 3:  DJ Adrian Butler…kept the store hoppin’ with great music!  Pic 4:  Fashion girls!  Pic 5: This is what I mean by steppin’ it up.  Stylish arrivals always get noticed!  Pic 6:  Patrick….our creative mastermind!!

Thanks to everyone who came out for Fashion’s Night Out!  We loved having you in store and appreciate your love of fashion!

Fashion’s Night Out Success!


Pic 1: Cheryl & Paul Haverkate  Pic 2:  Our cosmetic area was buzzing!  Pic 3: DJ Adrian Butler strikes a pose!  Pic 4:  Alison Miller models Sam Edelman’s “Killer Heel.  Pic 5: Patrick Plank, Clarice Drew, Dan Dixon.  Pic 5:  Our beautiful  store at night.  Pic 6:  Our FNO team let’s loose for a fun pic! l-r: Adrian Butler, Lesley Goebel, Mandi Lehman,Rachel, Emily Nurmikko, Patrick Plank, Sam Clark, Stacy Caruso, Rebecca Wierda, Katie Oostema

We had a blast celebrating Fashion’s Night Out this past Friday night!!  Thank you, thank you to everyone who joined us!!  Also, a huge thank you to Adrian Butler for keeping us hoppin’ with great music, Yen Ching for all of the yummy food (I, personally, loved the spring rolls), Sweet Cakes for the darling cupcakes – creative, clever & yummy as always, Stacy & Rachel from Capelli Salon – our customers loved the hair styles you were giving them and Mandi from Laura Mercier – fabulous makeup!  We loved seeing you, our customer and all of the new faces that stopped by to join the party.  I hope you had as much fun as we did!