Leigh’s Best of 2016

It has been a great year for Leigh’s. We are blessed to have so many great brands and customers and would like to take this time to reflect on the year.

Top 10 moments of 2016

10.  New York Fashion Week


9. Introducing #OOTD



8. Beauty Week


7. Patrick Styles Mayor Bliss for Magazine



6. Babies Welfare Guild “Giving in Style” fashion show



5. Welcome back Judy North!


4. Woosh Beauty At Leigh’s






3. UICA’s Color In Design Event



2. Welcome Aquazzura and Carven



1. 11th Annual Couture for a Cure Runway Event




Thanks for spending 2016 with us! We can’t wait for an even better 2017!


Woosh Beauty at Leigh’s

Woosh goes beyond beauty. Andrea Devos Abraham and Bobby Thomas met in 2011 with the mindset that woman should embrace each other, instead of knocking each other down. Woosh is a female owned and operated company. They are dedicated to solving common skin care needs for women.

We were so excited to have this mindset in our space last night for the Girlfriend pop up shop featuring Woosh.  Girls of all ages came to learn about this empowering new concept in cosmetics & say hi to founder Andrea Devos Abraham!

Our amazing displays by our creative director Patrick Plank
The fold out face with the beauty mirror
Cosmetic Cookies!
Would it be a party without a little champagne?
Woosh amazing lip gloss


Sushi catered by Maru Sushi


Our Niyama by Marocco pop up shop
Lafayette New York pop-up shop in store 
Our amazing makeup artists on site to help demonstrate

Take a look at some of the products below!

The Fold out face featured with the popular makeup brushes


Eyelash Wand and Applicator


Makeup mirror made easy


Eye stencils for an easy wing look


The art of MENS Grooming 


Photo credit: model: Connor Bowen @conbo37. Photography: Erik Holladay @holladay_photography.  MENS grooming: Mark Ellsworth @Mark_ellsworth 

Men’s Grooming; code name for the application of cosmetics and like products on men.  Yes, you read that right, cosmetics on men.  This decade has seen the birth of a new age in beauty.  Men have begun taking extra measures to present their best self to the world around them.  The days of secretly swiping their sisters concealer are coming to an end and more and more men are empowered and confidently approaching cosmetics counters with a goal in mind;  looking good.  

Today’s gender fluid influencers are peeling back the labels of their mothers compacts and handing it over to the #Bro on their left.  This isn’t about men or women and the norms of previous generations;  this is about pride.  Men’s grooming takes his morning routine to the next level, putting color theory to practice and changing verbiage to accurately describe the finished product.  


The boys dipped their toes in the pool and started pampering themselves with manicures and pedicures, finding how refreshing it is to take a little “me” time for themselves.  This indulgence is evolving into a full body experience, starting with the face.  A facial is like a good beard trim or cleanse, it’s sheds the unwanted, rejuvenates the spirit, and reveals a new image of oneself.  The gentlemen of today are well aware that the effects of time and gravity are not subject to just women, weather they’re 28 or 48, measures can be taken to preserve masculine vitality.  

While facials and spa treatments can be added to the maintenance list along with your oil change, there are everyday solutions to enhance a gents features and polish him to perfection in a few easy steps.  
More and more cosmetic brands are gearing campaigns and marketing towards men and introducing or rebranding existing products to better suit their target audience.  Simply put; user friendly products that make brands approachable with routines that are attainable for the everyday man.  Tinted moisturizers and BB (beauty balm) creams, like Kiehls actively correcting and beautifying BB cream, strive to correct imbalances and enhance the appearance of the skin without looking like actual makeup. Giving you a believable “I woke up like this…” kind of vibe while protecting you from the elements outside with a generous dose of SPF. 
Taking it a step further, dudes are understanding color theory more and how it can be applied to the face.  This fundamental system of primary and complimentary colors can become a game changer when you’re troubleshooting problem areas like under eyes and rosy cheeks.  Veil Cosmetics is focused on just that; fixing.  The click applicator pens offer 12 shades of corrective color that adjust, balance, and highlight the skin.  A peptide complex boosts the skin with additional hydration and lays softly on the skin like an Instagram filter.  #Perfection 

We’re transitioning out the winter blues and into the warmer seasons.  Unfortunately our skin doesn’t maintain the same speed as Mother Nature and we might need little help.  So we’re borrowing everybody’s favorite Insta filter “Valencia” (think back to the cult classic song “Lemme take a selfie” and the claim of looking tan) and adding some warmth to the face with a little bronzer.  Less is more here guys and texture is everything;  sheer and matte.   Laura Mercier Cosmetics Matte Radiance Baked Powder is the ticket to St. Tropez skin.  The subtle hues of terrocatta swept over the apples of the cheeks and high planes of the forehead with the finishing brush make a great compliment and give you a touch of #Manglow (who said J.Lo gets to have all the fun).

The finishing touch; Brows.  Facial hair on a man can be as unruly as a stubborn uncle and sometimes they just need to be put in their place.  A typical bro already has full and dense brows, so color is not a priority here.  Rather, shaping and sculpting are the tasks at hand.  Clear brow gels, like Laura Merciers’, help to comb through coarse hairs and define shape without adding color, just hold.  
There you have it fellas, four easy steps and five to eight minutes in front of the mirror that will put your best foot forward.  Our cosmetics department is excited to feature MENS products and look forward to helping you customize a regemine just for you.  
By: Mark Ellsworth 

Fall Trend: Red Lips!







Red lips are back in a big way for fall! Although, we believe they never truly go out of style, this years new edgy reds are making it all the more fun to experiment. You may think that a red lip just isn’t for you, however, everyone can pull off red lips. Everyone just can’t wear the same shade of red. That’s where we come in. With both Laura Mercier and Trish McEvoy here, it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with at least one lipstick! Stop in today and let our cosmetic consultants find you your perfect red. Be bold this year, wear a red lip!

Lots of Love,


Blushing Beauty

This spring is all about blush tones, and incorporating this color into your wardrobe is so easy! Well, with the help of Leigh’s that is. Below we’re featuring a perfect go-to look for spring, which consists off; a pair of skinny jeans by J Brand, an Armani camisole, a Rebecca Minkoff quilted handbag, and gold accessories from Elizabeth and James. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A great way to break up a monochromatic ensamble is to add a light weight scarf. Our favorite is the one below by Kate Spade, which is an adorable black, blush, and white colored map of New York.


The Rebecca Minkoff ‘Mini Perry’ tote, with an attached wristlet, is perfect for the girl on the go! Plenty of room for all of your work essentials, without having to compromise your chic style.

The final accesory we are featuring is the Sugar tinted lip treatment. Yes, you read that correctly, we treat lipstick as an accessory because we believe a little color on your lips can not only complete an outfit, but take your look to a whole new level!

Cheers to the weekend, spring time, and blush tones!

With Love,


Teen Makeup Lesson

gwThis is my beautiful daughter Gabrielle and this is her “selfie” photo. (For those of you who don’t know, a “selfie” photo is one is which you take a picture of yourself for posting on your favorite social media site…in her case Instagram.) She confided that she doesn’t normally do selfies, but with the special occasion of getting her braces off, she wanted to have all of her friends in the know about her tin-grin-free smile….instantly!   I was showing the picture to the Leigh’s cosmetic team and I was having a proud moment thinking about their influence on Gabrielle.  The summer before 7th grade, Gabrielle asked me if she could wear makeup.  This was a request that I had been dreading because I envisioned my daughter going to the extreme of caking on makeup and looking way too old for her age.  But, I refrained from saying an impulsive “no” and instead responded, “Ok, then we have to go to Leigh’s and have you work with one of our makeup artists to have them teach you about makeup.”   We drove straight to the store and our makeup artist Carol talked to Gabrielle about starting with just mascara and lip gloss….two cosmetic items that I certainly was very agreeable to as the mom and Gabrielle was thrilled about!  Carol spent time with her talking about makeup and giving her a lesson on applying both items.  We both went home with smiles on our faces.  Whew, that was easy!  Well, before this school year started, Gabrielle broached the makeup discussion again.  She wanted to add more to her routine.  However, this year I realized that I had nothing to fear.  I knew our makeup artists would steer her in the right direction.  And I was right!  Gabrielle met with Rachel, our lead makeup artist, and had so much fun, all while learning about how to create a natural and fresh look….and very age appropriate!  It’s not often that I am the “customer” when I’m at Leigh’s, but this was such an amazing experience from start to finish.  The extra time that our makeup artists are able to spend with each and every customer makes such a big difference in each individual’s confidence in makeup selection and application.  I’ll end by thanking my wonderful cosmetic team for their positive role in creating this fabulous “selfie” photo and everyday look for Gabrielle.

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is upon us….yikes, it always sneaks up!   And, if you’re like me, you’re just starting to write out your list of people who you need gifts for and contemplating gift ideas.  As you have learned, some friends and family are so easy to buy for and others…..yes, you know, you rack your brain for hours trying to think of something…anything…to give them!!  We want to help you push the “Easy” button!  I spoke with Rachel, our lead makeup artist, today to discuss some wonderful gift options from our cosmetic area.  I think you are going to LOVE her suggestions!

Hostess (with the mostest) Gifts!

Natura Bisse’ Spa Silk Hand Cream:  This hand cream will revive the driest of hands and last through three hand washes.  With all the dicing of onions, wrapping of gifts,  a set of hands will love this special treatment!

Fresh hand soaps:  Your hostess can happily toss her Dial hand soap out when she receives these lovely hand soaps  that will add the finishing touch to any guest bathroom!

Spa and makeup services from our makeup team:  Why not give the hostess a gift card for some wonderful pampering.  She’ll look oh-so-pretty and relaxed after receiving her facial (in our private spa room) and  expert makeup application while she sips her spa water in our lovely cosmetic area!

Stocking Stuffers!

Fresh Sugar Lip:  In each and every stocking (the male gender included), you must add a little sugar, Fresh Sugar Lip that is!  Forget about the Chapstick!

Laura Mercier candles:  Only available during the holiday season, Laura has three delicious scents to bring cheer to all – Warm Roasted Chestnut, Fresh Fig, Creme Brulee. Mmmmmm….they smell so good!

Butter London lip and nail lacquer duos:  For the little trendinistas, we have the perfect sparkly red and mysterious onyx colors that will be sure to please and very eye-catching!

BFF Gifts!

Trish McEvoy Power of Skincare Collection:  Create and maintain beautiful bare skin with Trish’s result-oriented Power of Skincare Collection for effortlessly effective AM and PM skin care routines at home and on the go.  Give this gift and you truly will be BFFs forever!

Laura Mercier beauty-palette-to-go in cool neutrals:  This luxurious palette is truly an entire face in an easy compact and will take your BFF from day- to-night.  The colors are incredibly universal so you can buy this for all your BFFs and it will bring out the individual beauty in each of them!

Trish McEvoy brush set:  Trish packages her brushes in a glamorous quilted hot pink leather case that is the perfect girly gift with the most fabulous makeup brushes known to mankind (yes, MANKIND)!

neuLash:  What BFF doesn’t want her eyelashes long and luxurious….naturally?!?  This tube of miracle grow for your eyelashes or brows will have your BFF jumping for joy!

Merry, Happy to Me Gifts!

Clarisonic Opal:  Are you  sick of your mother in-law complaining of her saggy, baggy lined eyes (hmmm, and maybe you have your own inner conflict on this, too)?  Get your hands on a Clarisonic Opal.  In 30 seconds, two times a day, you will take your eyes from gloom to vavoom in delivery results that are proven to refresh and rehab the eyes.  Yea us!  So, it’s one Opal for you, one Opal for Mom…favorite daughter in-law status to follow!

Natura Bisse’ Diamond Extreme Eye & Stimuleye Gel:  Extreme at night, Stimuleye in the morning.  Poof away the puff!  Instant recovery from holiday cocktail party overload or Grandma’s gravy!

Significant Other Gifts!

Trish McEvoy Sexy 9 & No. 9 fragrance:  Trish has come out with a special pocketable size that your sweety will love and she can “pocket” it in her purse to carry with her everywhere she goes!

Clarisonic Pro:  This dreamy handheld wonder will make the dullest and driest skin radiant and glowing after just one use, one beeping minute a day.  We are bleeping nuts about this one….give it to everyone you know (men, too) and reap the resulting praise “as the best gift ever” from your recipients!

Natura Bisse’ Diamond Life Infusion:  For the ultimate gift of luxury, treat your significant other to the Diamond Life Infusion.  This serum with patented technology will deliver the results of taking 3.9 years of age off the face.   After hearing this, my one question to Rachel is:  Can I bathe in this….does it take 3.9 years off other areas too???  Ok, one more question:  If I take two baths, does it double the results??!!

Bond No. 9:  Fragrances for both men and women with names derived from NYC, such as:  Wall Street, Astor Place, Madison Square & Nuits De Noho.  Put the Big Apple under your tree this season!

Fresh shaving cream and after shave skin soothing lotion:  Yes, we have the guys covered too!  And, they will love you giving them these wonderful pampering gifts….smooth move!

Let’s wrap this up!  We have wonderful gift ideas in store for you this holiday season and we are looking forward to assisting with finding the perfect gift for those special people in your life…and maybe something special for you too!