Memorial Day: It’s Time For White!

For all of you ladies out there who still take the, “no wearing white until Memorial Day” to heart, the time is here! The time to wear white! It is finally warm enough to break out those white denim shorts, or even that cute white dress that has been hibernating all winter.

If you are in some need of new whites…Leigh’s is here for you! We have been getting in some wonderful white pieces that will help you jump right into the summer sun! Take a look at some of these great items that are at Leigh’s today:








Details: Lilly Pulitzer White Two Piece $98 (Top) $108 (Bottom) | Navy Striped Michael Star Top $68 | Mynah Collections Hat $60 | Current Elliott White Denim $198 | Blessings in Disguise Bracelets $98 | Sundry Button Down $129 | Rails Striped Top $158 | Cynthia Desser Choker $242 | Joie White Shorts $148 | Michael Star White Tee $74 | Lilly Pulitzer Sport Shorts $58 | Current Elliott White Dress $258




Joie: Sea of Floral

This spring, use florals to brighten up an outfit or add a little girlie flare to your look. Joie is a perfect brand that does just that! Below are several of our Joie blouses that we have in for spring. Each one has a different touch of something whether that be buttons, cinching, or a little tassel.















Love Always,


Blue Jean Baby

 Distressed, print, and zipper adorned denim, oh my!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Pictured above, left to right: Distressed light wash skinny jean by J. Brand, a distressed blue denim jacket by DL 1961, and a distressed pair of ‘legging’ like gray denim by DL 1961. The pink feather print scarf is by Kate Spade and is the perfect piece to complete your spring look!


Dive right into the shades of blue trend for this spring with a bright cobalt colored pair by J. Brand (pictured above). You can also opt for an understated version by going for the light blue denim with moto zippers in front by NYD Jeans. If blue doesn’t happen to be your color,  we offer several more shades and styles. Such as, glittery silver, red, white, pale yellow and pink, just to name a few!


Here at Leigh’s we will be celebrating our love for denim all month long by offering $20.00 off any pair of full priced denim in the store! With brands like, NYD Jeans, DL 1961 Jeans, 7 For All Mankind, J. Brand, Current Elliot, and Spanx Denim, it’s nearly impossible to not find exactly what you’re looking for.

Stop in today to find your new favorite fit, wash, and brand of denim!

Lots of Love,



untitledEveryone has been asking me, “What is this athleisure thing that there’s all this buzz about?”  I am here to assist, so let’s discuss…  Perhaps you love the comfort of your Lululemon workout gear to the point that it is your go-to even when you are not headed to the gym.  I sense you are nodding your head.  (I know this because I love my Lululemon too.)  However, you have determined that you need and want more…..more fashion that is.  You’d rather look like you walked out of a fashion magazine than the gym. So, voila…athleisure! I like to think of it as the fashionable alternative to your yoga pant inspired workout attire.  Athleisure is still about easy, comfortable, cozy pieces….but adding the adjectives of chic, sophisticated and fashionable.  Someone pinch me…this is a dream come true!  Plus, put your running shoes back in the closet and grab a trendy “sneaker” to chase around town in or put a great fashion shoe with it.  If you’re like me, this gives you an excuse for more shoes….so don’t miss the opportunity!  I am all about athleisure and I think  you will be too.  We have it in store for you now from new labels such as Skin, Wilt, Nesh and Anatomie;  we can’t wait to show you!

Cashmere Time

Cashmere Time

August is Cashmere Time at Leigh’s! Now is the time to choose from the newest and best cashmere pieces for the upcoming season! We have your favorites already in store for you from Autumn Cashmere, Magaschoni, Vince, Fabiana Filippi, 360 Sweater and more!

Spring Break Fashion

photo5Tomorrow starts my kids’ spring break and we are off to sunny Florida! The weather here in Michigan has been more than challenging to endure this spring (more like unending winter) and I have been eagerly anticipating my 10 day escape! Of course, it wouldn’t be right to go on vacation without doing some shopping and as everyone knows, shopping is quite easy for me to accomplish.  Leigh’s, of course, is the only place I shop (I know this is not surprising to most of you!)! So, I took a peruse through the store today and deciding is the toughest part….I L-O-V-E everything….except my husband would not L-O-V-E me bringing the entire store inventory home.  Choices must be made, but I am happy to report that I came up with lots of goodies for my suitcase without overdoing (I think).  I’m dying to share with someone my selections…so that means you are going to be the first to know! I displayed it on my office door so I could provide a picture for the post….visuals are so much easier. Top Left:  Look at this darling Kate Spade yellow and white stripe dress with the Magaschoni wrap. When is the last time you indulged in a new dress for Easter? This year, I decided I’m splurging (Who says new Easter dresses are only for our sweet daughters?) and this dress is like a ray of sunshine…makes me smile! And since we’re talking about dresses, I just love dresses when I’m on vacation; they’re so easy to pack and wear….one article of clothing and, ta-da,  you have a complete outfit! Move your eyes to the middle dress; what’s not to love about this little black DVF number with the embellished neck?! I don’t even have to think about an accessory (This is a very good thing when I’ve been floating in a pool all day sipping on a marguerita…thinking is not a top priority.)!  Right next to it,  is a great casual dress from Veronica Beard (VB was recently featured on ….our first season having this collection in the store and everyone is loving it…including me!  Which leads me to the pink slicker with black trim. I did check the forecast in Orlando and guess what?  It might rain. Bummer…not!  What a good reason to invest in a raincoat…such as this feminine one from RED Valentino (You should see it on – AMAZING – so girly!). Finally, we all need some super casual (yet, very cool) attire when we are kickin’ back for some R&R.  I wanted color after all these gray skies and Trina Turk and LePhare had just what I was looking for…FUN shorts and tops…so cheery!  Well my suitcase is full, stop in and we’ll make sure yours is too!

Winter Or Spring?

katespade012_450x675katespade007_450x675This is the kind of day that leaves you in a conundrum. It is completely freezing outside. I wore my puffy coat and tall classic Ugg boots to work with anticipation of shedding the boots and putting on a great Stuart Weitzman heel. But upon arrival to the store, I realized my office is like an ice box (Who is my landlord?!) and the boots are not coming off even though I have a skirt on! Fortunately, we have our semi-annual sale going on right now….BOGO on all sale merchandise (someone pinch me)…so I took to the racks and found the perfect scarf to go with my outfit. Yes, great accessory, but today it is based on need not want (this rarely happens, so I like to point this out whenever possible).   I am now moderately warm, but still considering the purchase of a knit hat that I eyed as I was selecting my scarf.  So, here is the problem….our spring fashion and handbags from Kate Spade just arrived and warm weather seems like forever away, so what is a fashion girl to shop for – winter or spring apparel? Before we come up with our decision, did I mention that the Kate Spade collection is pure fashion fun with all the whimsicalness and bright colors; it begs to be in your closet. BEGS!!  To summarize: I NEED gear for the current cold weather (and it is on sale) and I am in want (let’s not use shouty letters for want; we need to be subtle) of the new Kate Spade (which if I wait too long, someone else might snap it up). I know you understand what I am going through because you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t a fashion girl. Side note: I just put my puffy coat back on to finish this blog because I was shivering and it’s hard to type when your body is in early hyperthermia. I must wrap this up so I can go crank the thermostat.  If you need scarves, hats, gloves, coats and/or boots because winter has finally hit West Michigan…march right in here; we have you covered (and I will mention again…it’s all on sale). While you are finding those pieces that will help you withstand this cold weather, we will tempt you with fabulous spring fashion….which you should also indulge in because that too will help you (if only psychologically as you envision yourself having lunch with your girlfriends on an outdoor patio with temperatures in the 80’s) endure this frigid tundra we live in!