Working at Leigh’s: Deb Clark




How long have you worked at Leigh’s?
I have been working at Leigh’s for 11 years!
How many ‘hats’ do you wear?
Merchandise manager. Head buyer. Personal stylist.
What are your current favorite trends?
This fall I would have to say the Pantsuit. It can be tailored and understated, but with the wide range of prints. The fabric choices which range from velvet to tech fabrics, the trend can adapt to many lifestyles.
What season do you like dressing for the most?
I love them all because of the wide variety that this beautiful state of Michigan offers. Because of our season changes I am never bored with my clothing options.
One designer you think everyone should know about?
D’Exterior. This Italian collection is clean and updated with an emphasis on knit dressing that will travel well and fit everyone from a size 2 – 14.
What should every woman remember when buying clothes?
Proportion , proportion….Every size 6 is different on every body that can wear that size. Tailoring to your specific body type can make a huge difference in how a garment will fit you.
Who is your style muse?
I really don’t have one!
What do you love most about working at Leigh’s?
All of the people I come in contact on a day to day basis, from my co-workers to our customers to the vendors who sell to us…..all have interesting stories.


Call to make an appointment with Deb at 616.942.6300




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