Working at Leigh’s: Rachael O’Donnell

A lot goes into keeping Leigh’s afloat, including all the hard work of our employees. In “Working at Leigh’s” we will highlight each employee so you can gain insight on who they are. Today we interview Rachael O’Donnell in our cosmetics department!


How long have you worked at Leigh’s? 

I have worked at Leigh’s for about 9 months as an esthetician.

What’s a quote you live by?

“This too shall pass”.

What do you like most about working at Leigh’s?

I like the atmosphere and the family side of it. Everyone is very cool and very welcoming. They’re always very driven to do their best and help each other out.

Where do you draw makeup inspiration from?

Being that it’s 2017, social media is very prevalent these days so I follow a lot of the beauty guru’s on Instagram. One of my favorites is @FlawlesssDolls which showcase all different makeup artists with different techniques and different products.

What’s your favorite makeup brand/product?

Here at Leigh’s, we carry Trish McEvoy and it’s one of my favorites because her system has steps. So there’s a step one for your eyes, step two is your eyeliner. She’s very organized and she has a level system depending on the degree you’ll wear your makeup. Outside of our brands, I’m really into Glossier.

What’s one of your favorite makeup trends?

I really like the minimalist look. I think for so long, as far as eye makeup, everyone wanted the smokey eye where it was dark on the lid, eyeliner, and everything. Now I think makeup is taking a step back where you want to see the freckles and it’s just you with your features emphasized opposed to makeup being emphasized.

What do you do outside of work?

I have 2 little boys that are 3 and 1 so I literally just chase after them! I have three cats too so it’s a full house. I keep everyone alive; if everyone is alive at the end of the day then it was a good day (lol)!


Call 616.942.6300 to make an appointment with Rachell! Also, Rachell specializes in our new lash lift service, we highly recommend!







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