Lash Lift: All you need to know.

Lash lifts have become increasing popular, especially with the rise of influence in beauty bloggers. But what exactly is it?


A lash lift is when perm solution is applied to your eyelashes to create a curling effect. You’ll be free from eyelash curlers with this lift, and it will typically last you about 7 weeks. Getting a lash lift is perfect for the summer because you won’t have to worry about applying mascara, you can wake up and go. Most people also get a lash tint when they get a lift so your real lashes will look like falsies in the summer sun! Here at Leigh’s we offer both lift and tint to help you create a great summer look!


At Leigh’s we use Studio Lash products and the treatment take about an hour to complete.


Stop into Leigh’s to set up an appointment or call 616 942 6300! A special deal will occur for our annual “Hot Party”: Book two lash lifts for $115!

A special thank you to Rachael, are Lash Lift Specialist for helping us out with this blog post!


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