5 Great Open House Gifts

It’s open house season and here at Leigh’s, we have the perfect products for your recent graduate. From Trish McEvoy mascara to S’well water bottles, here’s a list of things that will make the perfect gift.

  • S’well Water Bottle

S’well water bottles are big, durable, and stylish. This summer, treat your graduate to a water bottle that will keep them hydrated in style.

  • Kate Spade Card Holder and Mini Purse

This Kate Spade mini purse and card holder will be perfect for a girl on the go. It has enough space for all of your essentials, but you won’t be tempted to pack unnecessary items. The mini size is ideal for interviews with the cool tone pink and adjustable strap.

  • Denim Patch Rebecca Minkoff Purse

Nothing screams summer like a denim patch bag that can be worn with any outfit. Patchwork is on trend. Gifting your grad this purse will make her look young, fresh, and ready to take on the world in the coolest manner.

  • Summer Essentials: Ray Ban, Trish McEvoy, Sun Bum, Laura Mercier.

Your graduate may be on the hunt for a job or preparing for college. She will also be spending a great deal of time in the sun. Prepare her properly with products from Sun Bum. The brand offers SPF and cool down products that are not tacky or sticky, and will keep you safe in the sun.

The Trish McEvoy “High Volume” Mascara will be perfect for a day in the sun as it is water-resistant. Opposed to being waterproof, the mascara coats your eyelashes in tubes so it won’t smear when you’re in the sun all day. Even better, it can be easily removed with warm water. It is a beauty editor favorite!

Gifting your graduate Laura Mercier Lip Gloss will give her the perfect pop of color without drying out her lips. This lip gloss line comes in a variety of colors that will work well with any outfit and skin tone.

Lastly, what better way to spend your summer than in a pair of Ray Bans. The round shape of these glasses will give your grad a cool, retro feel, which is perfect for some fun in the sun.



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