What’s In My Bag Under $50?


A woman’s handbag is something that can be a bottomless pit of necessities. The best part about it is that you use EVERYTHING in that bag of yours. So, refilling is a requirement, and here at Leigh’s, we have some great essentials for you! You know what the best part is though? All the items are all under 50 dollars!


Each item shown is some of our best sellers and great items to have tucked away for any fashion emergency. One item that we have just flying off the shelf is the Keihl’s Eye D-Puffer. All of us here at Leigh’s swear by it! It is perfect for those days that you maybe didn’t get enough sleep or need a little help with those tired circles under your eyes. Fun fact: Kiehl’s created this product because so many people over use product and don’t realize a little can go a long way. So, they designed their Eye De-Puffer like a lip balm so that you are only using the amount you need.


One of the big trends right now is the lip color. Whatever color you are feeling that day or even the perfect red for that LBD can always make you stand out amongst the crowd. It is also a great thing to have in your purse for those days that you don’t want to wear a whole lot of make-up. It will give you that dressed up look and make it look like you really did put in effort for a put together look. For spring, break out those pinks and rock it girls! We showcased the Trish McEvoy Vibrant Pin Lipstick and her Sexy Petal Gloss. Both are perfect to pair on a pleasant spring day!

Now, even though we love our fabulous pink lip, we have to moisturize! Sun Bum Lip Balm is something you have to have handy! Chapped lips are not cute, so keep them plump and kissable with this balm.


We can’t forget a mirror! How are you able to touch up in a rush without one? The Laura Mercier Reflections of Hope Mirror is a special product here at Leigh’s. Proceeds raised from customers purchasing this mirror goes towards the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund. So, while you are stocking up your handbag necessities, you are also helping raise money for a good cause!

Along with a sexy lip color, you need a good fragrance to always have handy. Finding a light scented perfume to just refresh your existing coat from the A.M. is just a must have. Don’t be afraid to mix fragrances!! The Fresh Sugar Lemon Rollerball is a perfect scent to have on hand! It isn’t overpowering but still has a subtle, sweet scent that will last all day.

Hairclips…I mean, duh, right? Unless you have a cute little pixie cut, a clip is such a key handbag item. Right now, we just got in some great Medusa’s Heirlooms clips that are so inexpensive for how cute they are.


Come into Leigh’s and grab all these must haves to keep in your handbag! You never know when you are going to need a little spritz of perfume, or some lip balm to layer on before your statement lip color! Now, if you are in need for a new and fabulous bag, we just got in some very cute and uber chic Alexander McQueen handbags. Can’t wait to see you all soon!

Details: Trish McEvoy Sexy Petal Lipgloss ($26.00) | Trish McEvoy Vibrant Pink Lipstick ($28.50) | Fresh Sugar Lemon Rollerball ($25.00) | Sun Bum Balm ($3.99) | Laura Mercier Reflections of Hope Mirror ($25.00) | Kiehl’s Eye De-Puffer ($20.00) | Medusa’s Heirlooms Hair Clip ($20.00) | Alexander McQueen Lavender Handbag ($1,345.00)

Love Lots,



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