Naughty or Nice

naughtyoIt’s so much fun at Leigh’s during the holidays.  Santa’s sleigh (aka: UPS and Fed Ex truck) pulls up everyday outside our receiving door and delivers an assortment of fabulous surprises! It just makes me smile every time we open a box!

And then there’s our beautiful store….Patrick has our store glittering with holiday cheer from our amusing windows to our Merry and Bright Shop.  We must chat about our  front windows.  Patrick, of course, wanted to have us reminisce about something we have all contemplated from a very early age….were we naughty or nice this year and what will Santa bring us based on our behavioral tally sheet.  This picture gives you a glimpse of our windows: One window interprets naughty and the other nice.  I would love to hear which one you relate to?!   Could it be the “Bad Girl” window? Or, perhaps the “Good Girl” window?  Patrick cites a quote from Mae West to make our pondering of this more challenging, “Good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere.”  Let’s admit that if we can be assured we will be getting a gift from Leigh’s this holiday season, we will honestly confess that being nice and a little naughty is just as fun as it sounds!


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