Couture For A Cure 2012

Pic 1:  Behind the scences with our amazing Leigh’s team and our beautiful models.  Pic 2:  What a runway!  Pic 3:  Leigh’s team and runway event specialists: Katie Oostema, Lesley Goebel, Patrick Plank  Pic 4:  Daniel Vosovic with Katie Oostema  Pic 5:  Carol VanAndel with Brooke Hester, 5, of Chapman Ranch Texas.  Brooke Hester has stage four neuroblastoma, a form of cancer, and has made improvements working with the Van Andel Institute. Pic 6:  Anna DeBoer  Pic 7:  Aziza Hines Pic 8:  Ashley Cole  Pic 9:  Just like NYC!  Pic 10:  What a fabulous picture of our models in Daniel Vosovic’s spring ’13 collection. Pic 11:  Love the rich color that is on its way for spring from Daniel!

What an amazing evening! The seventh annual Couture for a Cure in which Leigh’s partners with the Van Andel Institute to raise funds for important cancer research and science education was another success! Our New York style runway presentation at VAI made our 400 guests (Yes, the largest attendance ever!) feel like they were at Fashion Week in Lincoln Center! Due to such a high demand for tickets last year, the runway was lengthened another 55 feet this year to accommodate more guests….and the event still sold out! We opened with showing the best of fall fashion that is currently in store at Leigh’s. The four different segments included: Bond Bombshells, Colorful Characters, Rock-Her and After Dark Divas. Then it was time to take a sneak peek at spring 2013. Leigh’s invited New York designer Daniel Vosovic (Project Runway All-Star Challenge winner) to showcase his spring collection on the runway; stunning color and silhouettes!  Thank you to everyone who attended!  And kudos to my team at Leigh’s; you are all so very talented and I appreciate each of your efforts in making this a fabulous event!


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