Fashion Excuses

I am always looking for an excuse….an excuse to buy new clothes!  We are receiving all of our new fall fashion and I have been salivating:  Beautiful cashmere, crazy cool new denim, and the boots….somebody get me a shopping cart!  So what am I to do?  I am in serious “want” without a “need” as I know my husband would explain.  Well, finally this weekend my excuse for a “need” popped up on the internet….compliments of  Scott and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and we are headed to Paris and Stockholm for vacation.  Before I started packing, I thought I should check to see what type of weather we will be encountering in each city. Now, I do know that Sweden is North, but I didn’t realize that part of it sits in the Arctic Circle and is on the same latitude as the Northwest Territory in Canada (I can not fault my geography teacher….it was so many years ago. I know I was taught this at some point!)  So, what’s the net, net…..the range of temperature will be 50-68 degrees.  This is much too chilly for my summer dresses!  I NEED cashmere, denim and maybe a cute ankle boot (or two) to make sure I am comfortable in this climate.  This, as you can plainly see, has nothing to do with “want”.  Clearly necessity has set in.  Thankfully, Leigh’s has me covered!  So my picks for the suitcase?   Autumn Cashmere sweaters,  J Brand and Seven For All Mankind denim and Stuart Weitzman, Stuart Weitzman and Stuart Weitzman for my footwear. (You know how much I love shoes!)  Who would have thought that my anniversary would be the perfect excuse to secure fall fashion early?!  I know that you, too, can creatively construct an explanation for expediting the upcoming season’s best looks into your closet!


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