Get Dressed!

Today I asked Judy North, “What should I blog about?”  Her answer was quick and decisive, “DRESSES!”   “But Judy, I have blogged about dresses before.” She wouldn’t take no for an answer!  She said that we have so many fabulous dresses in the store right now –  something for everyone.  We need to reiterate that everyone needs a dress (or two or three or in my case….5 – it’s hard being in store everyday – it’s all so tempting!).  So, let’s get down to why the dress is so important to all of us this season:  First, there’s no need to stress in the morning about what goes with what… article of clothing… complete look.  I like this simplicity in the morning.  Even better in the evening….extended hair and makeup time….yet no worries about what I will wear…..ahhh, a dress….how easy!  Second, dresses look good on all body types.  This is really the end of the discussion on this point.  If you think contrary to this, you haven’t been in to Leigh’s lately.  We do have the perfect dress for you! Let us show you!  Third, have you looked at our dresses this spring???  I keep falling in love with a new dress with every shipment we receive.  The color, the silhouettes, the fabrics….casual to dressy.  It’s all here!  Fourth point…. and Judy conveyed this one is the most important…why should you get your dresses at Leigh’s??  Because we are a specialty store…..that means we look for very special pieces for our customers and we only bring in 1, 2….3 at the most of any certain item.  This differs from mall stores who bring in a dozen or more of the same dress.  You know what happens then (because we’ve all been there), you show up some place and guess what? Someone else has on your same dress  and now your dress that you were feeling great in, doesn’t feel quite as special anymore (and you spend the night dodging the person who has your same dress).   Are you convinced?  Great!  I can’t wait for you to stop in so we can find the perfect dress for you!


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