When To Say Goodby

Thanks to everyone who read my last blog post about what to wear to a hockey game.  I have had several readers inquire about my tried and true “puffy coat” and ask, “Ok, what is the rest of the story?”  Alright, I’m ready to share and I think you will all be able to relate this post to a fashion item in your closet.  Ok, it all started in 2007.  We had a Cole Haan outerwear trunk show and there was this beautiful winter white long puffy coat that I laid eyes on…and wrote an order for…thinking, of course, it would be perfect for our cold Michigan winters, enduring the cold ice arenas that I frequent for my sons’ hockey games and my trips to New York during the winter months.  Well, the coat arrived and it was everything I hoped it would be and I became very attached.  And I was still attached the next year and the year after that and….last year my team said, “Enough!  The puffy coat has to go!”    Well, I couldn’t disagree.  All I could think of was sitting at the Thanksgiving table with my children when they’re in their 30’s and them making fun of me, “Mom,  remember that white puffy coat that you had….it’s like Groundhog Day with photos.  Here’s Mom in 2007 with her white puffy coat.  Here’s Mom in 2008 with her white puffy coat.  Oh, here she is again in 2009….with her white puffy coat. 2010 – same coat.”  Can you relate….the thought of it is like waking up from a bad dream in a cold sweat.  So, this year I decided….I’m going to donate it.  Our seamstress, Huyen, came to work and said her sister was visiting from Vietnam, would be staying the winter and she asked if anyone had warm clothes that they would be willing to give her.  Perfect – I will give her my puffy coat – it will be to a good home and it will force me to buy a new coat.  So, I brought the coat to Huyen….who then brought the coat home….and then returned it the next day….she says it wasn’t the right size….could it really be because it was a little worn and discolored??? Ok, a lot worn and even when it’s been washed it looks dirty (Yes, I’ve been wearing it  these past few years in this condition-yikes!).  I can’t be sure, but it did inspire me to purchase a new coat…black this time with a cute fur collar.  Why did I wait all this time to get a new coat???  I love my new coat!!!  And, I’ve received lots of compliments for trading in the other (I know my friends are giving me positive reinforcement so this never happens again).  Tonight, I want you to look through your closet.  You know you have things that it’s time to part with….do not put it off!!!  Retiring your favorites is like giving up your snuggly when you’re a toddler (and we all know how tattered and worn those snugglies were), but it’s ok in the end….and when it comes to fashion….giving up those pieces gives you a fabulous opportunity to get great new items that keep you hip and current!


One thought on “When To Say Goodby

  1. I can absolutely relate – I would hate to count the items I have in my closets that fall under this umbrella. Thanks for bringing the awareness. Now it is time to act!

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