Sunshine and warmth….they have been eluding us all spring.  So, today when they both showed up outside our store, I felt inclined to capture the moment!   Have you ever tried to take a direct picture of the sun?  Much more difficult than expected!  My eyes were watering, but I did it!  So, now that we have sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s….let’s talk about cute shorts!!  Look at the picture of these darling shorts that we have in store from Lilly Pulitzer.   See how cute the model is….it appears that she may be skipping.  She’s in her great shorts, the sun is out, she’s happy.  And why wouldn’t she be when she’s wearing something so colorful.  Did you know that if you bought these shorts or any other cute little bottom from Lilly that the skipping, happy feeling is included in the price? Mmmmhmmmm…that’s how it works with Lilly.  So stop in and try a pair….results are guaranteed!!!


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