Back From LA Market!

Did I tell you we were going to the LA market?  I’m sorry, I think I forgot to mention it in my blogging or on Facebook.  But….WE WENT TO THE LA MARKET!!!  Loved it!!  We have not traveled there before, but decided it was time to take a look at a new venue.  Deb Clark and I scoured the showrooms to find unique apparel and jewelry from LA designers….and success….so many great things!  I am beaming!  Deb is pictured  showing these great tops from an artist in LA who hand dyes each garment and uses the most amazing lace and eyelet – each piece is unique and special!  Yes, we ordered some for you!  Also, one of the showroom owners suggested we go to Manhattan Beach and check out all the little boutiques there and see what they are offering.  We had conversations with several of the owners.  It was fun to see some of the same brands we carry and get imput on other resources they would recommend.  We call this “research” – so thanks to all the boutique owners that assisted us in our studies.  Finally, our day would not have been complete without walking down to the pier to see the Pacific Ocean (Pic 2).  Absolutely breathtaking.  Did you know Manhattan Beach is known for its beach volleyball and the grand daddy of beach volleyball tournaments?  See all those things sticking up from the sand….those are the frame work for the volleyball nets.  I would have never known! Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you a restaurant recommendation for Manhattan Beach – Rock’N Fish   Deb and I split two entrees, mahi mahi tacos and blackened halibut.  I am just salivating thinking about it – total yum!  You know fashion is always my favorite, but food is right up there too!  I am so happy we took the journey out West.  I think you will love what we found….because, as always, we want to bring the very best fashion to you right here in West Michigan!


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