Fashionable Spring

Oh, how I love spring.  The daffodils popping up through the earth, the birds early morning chirping….bzzzp, bzzzp, bzzzp….This morning I was torn out of my lovely dream by my alarm clock bringing me back to my reality –  winter in Michigan. The daffodils I dreamt of are still dormant in the frozen, snow covered ground….and of course the birds are still enjoying their migration South or nesteled in their nests here wondering why they didn’t go South!  But….then I come to work…and I walk through our store this morning and think to myself….ahhhh….spring is coming to life at Leigh’s.  We have beautiful spring merchandise arriving daily from our favorites:  Vince, Trina Turk, Lafayette 148, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Milly, Valentino Red, Lilly Pulitzer and more!  It all looks so enticing that I forget its 28 degrees outside…..I have my taste of spring right here….and its very fashionable!


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