A Fantastic Evening with Laura Mercier & Pamella Roland







Photo 1:  Luis Soto works with Kim Waltman  Photo 2:  Anoosh, our Laura Mercier rep, makes sure the event runs smoothly.  Photo 3:  Luis Soto with Vonnie Woodrick  Photo 4:  Heather from Laura Mercier and Julia Patzelt  Photo 5:  Designer Pamella DeVos with models, Sam and Anna  Photo 6:  Incredible food, drinks and service from Erika's Deli & Bistro Market!

Last night’s reception for Luis Soto and Pam DeVos was amazing!  Guests enjoyed fantastic make-overs by Lauara Mercier, models strolled wearing uber-sophisticated fashion from Pamella Roland’s Fall ’08 Collectoin and everyone was partaking in Erika’s delicious hors d’ oeurves and cocktails (you must try their food it’s sooo good!). Thanks again to Pamella DeVos of Pamella Roland, to Luis Soto and the artists from Laura Mercier, and Erika’s Deli Bistro Market for  making the event a huge success.


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